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The goal of our website is to educate and to bring as much information as possible about barns, barn construction (or anything else that has to do with barns) to people all over the world.  We are working hard to make our site known and to bring a lot of traffic to this site.


If you, or your company is interested in sponsoring or advertising with us by placing your Banner Ad on our website, we offer (2) different ad placements, (Top Banner Ad) & (Right Banner Ad).


Right now, we offer very affordable pricing that can be locked in for up to (12) months.


Note: We reserve FULL RIGHT to reject any ad request that we may deem inappropriate.  Please read our Advertisers Policy before contacting us with your request.





Home Page Ads


900x60 Top Banner Ad - $20/month

200x200 Right Banner Ad - $15/month

200x100 Right Banner Ad - $10/month



Other Page Ads


900x60 Top Banner Ad - $15/month

200x200 Right Banner Ad - $10/month

200x150 Right Banner Ad - $8/month

200x100 Right Banner Ad - $6/month


Note: Get two (2) months FREE advertisement with one (1) year contract.

Advertisement Prices are subject to change without notice.


All Ads will be served on "First Come/First Serve" basis.  Please check with us first for page/spot availability.  No placement is guaranteed until payment is received.





Advertisement Specifications

All Ads shall be in JPG, GIF or PNG format.  Ads must be "saved for web" for faster loading. Top Banner Ads must include the word "Advertisement" in the top left corner of an Ad.

If you have a different Ad size request, please contact us to discuss your preferences & pricing.




We accept PayPal for Ad payments.  All payments must be in US Dollars.  In order to lock in your advertisement for (6) or (12) moths, the FULL payment MUST be received in advance.

Please read our Advertisement Terms & Conditions before sending us your request.




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Barn Styles & Types

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Barn Styles - Most Used


Sample of Right Ad.  This size of ad is 200x100  The width of this ad must be 200px.  The height can be different.  See size chart.