Lean to Sheds & Horse Barns


Lean to Shed or Lean to Barn Definition:

A shed built with large front overhang which is supported by posts and headers



Advantages of Lean to Shed:

Better Protection - Large overhangs provide  better protection from weather elements and may act as a temporary shelter for horses and other animals.  Increases usable weather protected shed space.



Disadvantages of Lean to Shed:

Cost - More costly than regular shed and quite often requires concrete foundation





Lean to Shed Samples


Lean-to Barn 12'x34' Lean to Shed 12'x48' barn with 10' overhang



Lean to Construction
About Lean to Sheds & Barns


Lean-to overhang is a very nice option to add to any shed or barn.  Even though, such shed will cost more, it has many benefits and may even be enclosed if more shed space is ever needed.


The main components of the lean-to roof are 6x6 p.t. posts, 2x10  SPF headers, 2x6 or 2x8 rafters, 2x6 braces, few 2x4's and roofing materials such as plywood, felt paper, drip edge and shingles.


Images below will help you better understand how lean-to roofs are built.




Lean-to Construction Image Samples


lean-to roof construction leanto construction detail lean-to roof rafters building lean to roof lean to roof gable leanto header detail leanto being finished roof overhang completed construction details leanto corner view under lean to image under the overhang




Leanto Barn Floor Plan & Construction Specifications Sample


Leanto Barn Floor Plan Leanto Construction Specs


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