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Is your company in any way related to Barn Construction?  Are you a barn builder or barn materials supplier?  If you are, please consider advertising with us.

Our website has been around since 2010 and we are getting anywhere from 20K - 24K monthly page views.

We do realize that out site doesn’t get 100K + monthly visits, but being a “Barn Construction” niche site, every visit to our site has much more value and better potential to turn a visitor into a prospective customer.
Most people that visit our site are searching for information about barn construction, barn plans, materials and other related information.  Advertise with us and let our visitors know about your business and product.

In our opinion, companies that will benefit most from partnering with our site or from placing ads on this site are:

  • Barn construction companies
  • Barn material suppliers
  • Barn door hardware suppliers
  • Sites that sell barn plans
  • Horse stall manufacturers
  • Others




You can either request a simple link to be placed on one of our pages or choose to go with a banner ad.  When choosing ad, you must provide us with two ads (one for desktop and one for mobile device)

Link Ad Example

Your Barn Supply Company (or anchor text linked to your website with or without description).

Display Ad Format

For Display Ads, please provide two ad sizes (970x120 and 336x280).  On larger screens (desktops and latptops) responsive banner ad 970x120 will be displayd (size of this ad will change to fit your screen size).

On small devices such as smart phone, 336x280 ad size will  be displayed.  This ad is hidden on desktops (please resize screen to see it).  All ads will be centered on page and hyperlinked to your web page.

--- PRICING ---

Our Ad prices vary and are based on placement location and what page it is placed on.  Please tell us desired page and location you want your ad placed on and we'll give you exact price.
As of now, we only accept and allow maximum of (1) Display Ad and (2) Link Ads per page.

Link Ad is cheaper and costs anywhere between $10 - $20 per month
Display Ad costs between $30 - $100 per month


  • Payments to be made via PayPal (or credit card).  Electronic Invoice will be emailed to you.
  • We have 1-month, 6-months (5% discount) and 12-months (10% discount) billing options.
  • If you change your mind and cancel, no refund will be given for any monthly payment.
  • For 6-month & 12-month payment (if cancaled), refund will be given for any unused months, minus the discount.
  • To canel, you must notifiy us before 1st of the month. If canceling on 1st or after, refund will not be given for that month.
  • After receiving your cancelation request, please allow seven (7) business days for refund to be issued and Ad removed.
  • To protect our own website, we reserve the right to cancel agreement and remove your ad at any time if your site no longer complies with ethical codes, gets delisted or penalized by search engines, gets hacked, etc.  In addition, all links will have "nofollow" attribute.

We reserve the right not to accept your request to advertise on our site if we will determine that your site doesn't fit our Advertising Policy or not a good fit for our website.