Building Decks - Free 12'x16' PDF Deck Plan and Maintenance Free Deck Photos


Download and use our Free 12'x16' PDF deck plan to familiarize yourself with wooden or maintenance free deck construction.  You can either build yourself exactly the same deck with dimensions provided on our plan, or adjust the size and deck height to better suite your needs.


Before building a deck, make sure to check with your local municipality to see if building permit is required.  Also, it's a good idea to first find out what's below ground before you start digging for footings.  Get more info here:

If you want to build yourself a nice looking, sturdy and longer lasting deck, you should use "New Deck Design" construction technique.  Years ago, contractors and many people used to build "cheap" wooden decks using regular 4x4 p.t. posts placed in ground, single header and other cheap materials.  It's no wander that after only 20 years or so, many of those "cheaply built" decks now must be replaced due to sagging, twisted posts, bowed headers and completely messed up railings.  In my opinion, a properly built deck with regular maintenance should last as long as your house.

New Deck Design Specifications

  • Good foundation.  Concrete pillars approximately 16" Dia. placed in ground below frost line.
  • 6x6 pressure treated posts placed on top of concrete pillars and attached to pillars using hot dipped galvanized post bases.
  • Each 6x6 post is notched on top (usually on one side) and 2x12 p.t. header placed on each side of post attached to post with 3/8" h.t.g. bolts.
  • Y-braces are used on each post.  We recommend to use 4x6 p.t. braces and attach them with bolts.  These braces would go between double header.
  • Proper flashing is used when attaching ledger board to make sure no water gets behind ledger board to cause wall rot.  This is very important.
  • Proper floor joists are used for required span.  Depending on deck size and joists span, you can either use 2x8 or 2x10 floor joists.
  • Floor joist spacing must be 12" o.c. for maintenance free decking or 16" for wood decking.
  • All of the railing posts bolted into rim board with Carriage bolts or special hardware.
  • Use of maintenance free decking and railing will make your deck last longer and will require less maintenance (unfortunately, you sill have to wash your deck once a year).
  • It's good idea to preserve or stain all of the pressure treated wood such as headers, posts and floor joists.