Construction of Wooden Dutch Door - Free Dutch Door PDF Prints


Building a wooden Dutch door is not really complicated.  In fact, if you have the right tools and some free time, this might be a fun weekend project.  Once you have everything ready, it shouldn't take you more than 3-4 hrs to build one door (providing you have some experience working with wood).

Wood to Use:

As we have mentioned on our Barn Door Construction page, the best wood to use is Cedar, but White Pine is widely used and much more affordable.  To make your door last longer, make sure to apply a coat of sealant.  You can either stain it or paint it.

See Barn Door Construction page to learn more about type of wood to use, tools required and more.

Wooden Dutch Door
Building 4'x7' Pine Dutch Door

To build one 4'x7' Dutch door (without window) you would need to purchase enough of white pine or cedar boards and door hardware.  When I used to build doors out of white pine, I would use 1x10 T&G boards for the door itself and 1x10 square edge pine boards for outside & inside trims and cross-bucks.  In addition, to make the door sturdier, you will need to fill the back of the door (between trims) with either plywood or pine boards (the last thing you want is for your horse to kick through the door and make a hole or injure itself).

Images of Dutch Doors

Building one 4'x7' Dutch Door

Please see FREE PDF DUTCH DOOR ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS to see materials list, detailed assembly instructions and PDF Dutch Door Prints with dimensions.