Storage Sheds


Storage Shed

Since 1990's the storage shed industry has come a long way in producing a wide variety of portable storage buildings.  From simple sheds built mostly with T1-11 siding, storage sheds have evolved into fancy & very attractive buildings.  We believe that most of the credit for nicely built sheds should be given to the Amish communities that are well known for their creativity in designing and manufacturing quality storage buildings.  It should be noted that Pennsylvania, especially Lancaster County and surrounding areas is well known for producing thousands of storage sheds each year, mostly built by the Amish craftsmen.  In the Amish community in Lancaster  and neighboring Counties there are anywhere from 30 - 50 shed manufacturers, each producing well over 100 sheds per year.  These sheds are delivered all over the country in either kit form or completely built.

Dimensions for Storage Shed 4x4 Pressure Treated Runners (base construction)


Storage Shed Base Runners

Image above shows approximate dimensions of storage shed base layout.  For modular storage sheds, treated 4x4 runners must have proper spacing in order to fit on the shed hauling trailer.  When building a storage shed on site, it's still a good idea to keep same dimensions, in case your building will ever need to be moved.