Old Style Wood Sash Barn Windows


Did you know there are companies that still manufacture and sell wood sash windows?  We know of few Amish manufacturers in Lancaster County, PA that build such windiws.  Sorry, they don't have websites.

If you are in a process of building a barn with wooden siding, you might want to consider using old style wood sash barn windows.  The simplest solution, is to buy already-made windodws.  However, if you want to save some money or have some free time, you can build wooden windows yourself.  To do that, you first have to find a place where you can buy wood sashes.  After that, you can either use single-sash windows in your barn, or build single hung windows out of two individual sashes.  Wood sash manufacturers use different type of wood to build their window sashes and in most cases, you can specify the type of wood you want, size of the sash and number of lites.

Wood Barn Sash Window

Single Sash Hinged or Sliding Barn Windows:

Using a single window sash, you can build yourself either a hinged window or sliding window (shown).  In both cases, you will need to cut-out the opening in your wall, trim it out and install your window.  In case of a hinged window, you would normally have couple of hinges installed on top so the bottom of your window would swing out.  With sliding window, you have two options.  One option is to use a single window sash installed on inside of the barn with top & bottom tracks to guide and hold your window in place.  Second option is to build your window in the frame (image on left) and install it from outside of barn.  In both cases, you would need to install a sloped window sill for water run-off.