Run In Sheds - Horse Shed Construction


Run-In Shed Definition:

A three sided shed with an open front that provides horses and other farm animals with a temporary shelter from weather elements.

The first part of the name run-in literally means to run into the shed.  The purpose of a run in shed is to provide a horse or any farm animal with protection from bad weather such as rain, snow, wind and summer heat.  Run-in sheds may be built on site to accommodate large horses, or may be purchased and delivered fully constructed.


Advantages of Portable Run In Sheds:

Cost - Significantly less expensive than on-site built sheds

Timing - Turn around from order to delivery is usually 6-10 weeks


Disadvantages of Portable Run In Sheds:

Size limit - Due to oversize delivery limits & regulations, prefab run in sheds are limited to 14' in width and aroun 11' in height.  Most of the sheds built are either 10' or 12' wide.  Roof overhangs add additional 2' to the total width of the shed.  Average wall height is anywhere from 7.5' - 9' high which may not be high enough for very large horses.

Site Access - In order to deliver a fully built prefab shed, you must have good access for truck & trailer to get into your place, unload the building and turn around.  In addition, your gate must be wide enough to pass through with the building.  Lately, however, many shed haulers started to use special machine called a Mule.  This machine makes it easier for shed hauler to manuver and put the building in place.  See how this machine works: Shed Mule.

Prefab Run In Shed Images
12'x40' Run In Shed with Storage Room
10'x28' Run In Shed - Painted Red
10'x22' Run In Shed

To purchase a pre-fab run in shed please visit: Keystone Barns

Horse Shed Interior
Portable Horse Shed Features

Most portable horse sheds, such as Run In Sheds & Shedrows are built with either Yellow Pine or Oak framing material.  The siding can either be metal, pine, cedar, textured plywood, Duratemp, etc.

As seen from this image, most of portable horse sheds are built on top of 6x6 pressure treated skids (sill plates) with a steel tow hook installed at each corner.  This enables shed manufacturers to deliver them on flat bed trailers and to provide a good base for the shed itself.  Once the shed is delivered, it can be placed right on top of the ground, or crushed stone base.

What to Look For in a Properly Built Prefab Horse Shed
  • Make sure kickboards are at least 48" high
  • Make sure wall headers are used to support rafters (not just horizontal flat 2x4 on top)
  • Rafter spacing should be no more than 16" o.c. (if 2x4 rafters are used)
  • Roofing materials must be properly applied with all of the necessary drip edge & felt paper underlayment.  Make sure asphalt shingles are fastened with roofing nails (not staples)
Run In Shed Floor Plan Prefab Run In Shed Construction


See also Run In Shed Framing Details sample.