Shedrow Horse Barns


Shedrow Barn Definition:

Shed row barn is a horse shed with a single row of stalls.

Shedrow barns may be built on-site or delivered completely built.  Portable prefabricated shedrows can be up to 60' in length and up to 14' in width.  It is possible to build an economical center aisle barn by making two shedrow barns face each other and slightly modifying their roof.

Advantages of Portable Shedrow Barns:

Cost - Less expensive than regular center aisle barns

Timing - Short lead time (usually 6-10 weeks)


Disadvantages of Portable Shedrow Barns:

Ceiling Height - Due to delivery height limits, most prefab horse sheds are built with 7'-9' high walls.  In our opinion, this is not enough of headroom for large 17+ hand horses.

Site Access - Must have a good access to deliver an oversize building.


Prefab Shedrow Samples
12'x38' Shedrow Barn
12'x38' Shedrow Barn
10'x18' Shed Row Barn

About Shedrow Barns

A prefab shedrow horse barn is the most economical alternative to a regular center aisle horse barn.  In fact, a four stall portable shedrow barn will cost at least (3) times less than a regular four stall center aisle barn without loft.  A typical shedrow is basically a single row of stalls, or sometimes a combination of stalls, storage rooms and even run-ins.  Keystone Barns, LLC. is a good source to purchase portable horse barns and sheds.


Standard Shedrow Barn Features

Each stall in a Shedrow Barn comes with 4' high kickboards, 4'x7' Dutch door, window with protecting steel grill and partition with grill between stalls.

Shedrow Barn Floor Plan & Construction Specifications Samples
Prefab Barn Floor Plan Prefab Barn Construction