Covered Round Pens


On this page we show images of round pen construction and how to build a covered round pen utilizing open rafter technique and steel supporting perimeter band.

The key to build a covered round pen with open rafters is the use of specially designed perimeter steel band that holds all LVL rafters in place and prevents the roof and posts from spreading apart.  You will need to hire an engineer to design this band and all of the brackets needed to attach LVL rafters to posts and the center piece.

Inside Lower Steel Roof Band

Image of the main roof supporting "Perimeter Steel Band" and brackets being installed.  Everything is bolted together to provide support for roof rafters and to keep the roof from spreading apart.

Upper Center Steel Roof Band

In addition to the "Perimeter Steel Band", you'll also need to design "Center Upper Band" similar to what's shown on this image.  This steel band has double plates welded to hold each individual LVL rafter.  Once both, Perimeter and Upper bands are in place and bolted to LVL's, you will have very sturdy roof.  Size of LVL rafters will vary and will depend on your local snow load and the overall size of building.  An engineer must be hired to properly design the building.