How to Build Wooden Gable Vent - Free PDF Print is Included


Looking for wooden gable vents?   Why not build them yourself?   Here is the sample of what I've built for myself.

Wooden Gable Vent

On this page I would like to show how to build a nice and functional Wooden Gable Vent using 3/4" thick lumber.  I have created a PDF Print showing all of the details and dimensions in case you ever decide to take on this task yourself.  To build this gable vent, you will need table saw, miter saw, glue, wood screws and a piece of fiberglass screen (optional) to attach to the back of the gable vent.

When I designed this gable vent, I figured to do 1/4" deep dado cuts (slots) on the sides of this vent and then insert louvers into these slots gluing them and fastening them from the sides.  If you want, you can just fasten louvers with screws from the sides and forget about the dado cuts (much simpler).  The problem is, I like to do things proper way and always end up with more work and headaches (this is just me).  Anyway, see my PDF print for more information and dimensions.


PDF PRINT - Gable Vent Details

Gable Vent with Sloped Top

There are few things you can do to my original gable vent to make it look different and to fit your needs.

  • Install curved or sloped top trim (as shown).
  • Install extra louvers to make smaller spacing in between.
  • Build a bigger size gable vent.
  • Do a regular trim on bottom instead of custom bottom sill.
  • Use different types of wood such as cedar, etc.
  • Make a maintenance-free vent out of Azek or similar material.
  • Install metal screen on front to prevent birds from nesting between louvers.

NOTE: Most of gable vents you'll find are built without my custom bottom sill.  All you have to do is simply use a bottom louver as a sill and install bottom trim flash with the louver.