Ideas For Organizing Car Garage or Storage Space


Uncluttering and organizing your garage could not be easier with specially desinged slat wall systems.

Garage Storage Ideas

Tired of all of the extra stuff laying around all over your garage or a basement?  Not sure how to organize everything?  Worry Not!  There are many ways you can organize your existing storage space or a car garage to make it more appealing and clutter-free.  In fact, these days there are so many different garage organization kits available that you can simply buy and install yourself, or hire a contractor to do all of the work for you.  These organization kits include specially designed slatwall systems that come with different storage bins, hooks, shelves, cabinets and other accessories that you can simply snap into the grooves of these slatwalls.

Of course, if you want to save few bucks and don't mind extra work, there is another less expensive alternative available - buy some wooden boards and build shelves, racks, bins, etc. yourself.  The problem with wooden shelves, is, they are more permanent.  Once you install them, that's where they going to stay.  It's going to be much harder to move them if there is ever a need for that.  With a slatwall system, on the other hand, you can move shelves, replace accessories, bins and racks with ease.  In fact, you don't even have to finish all of your garage walls at once.  You can start with just one wall and see how you like it.  Just purchase enough of slat wall panels to finish one wall and then buy some wall accessories such as hooks, racks, etc. to hang some of your stuff.  After one wall is complete, you can move to other walls and decide which accessories would work best in your situation.

The use of a slatwall system is not limited to car garage only.  You can install it in your basement, storage shed, barn or any other place you need to store your stuff in.  After building numerous wooden shelves and storage bins we have finally decided to give a slatwall system a try.  After the first garage, we have no plans to go back to wooden shelves.  Nothing against wood, but you just can't beat the flexibility of maintenance-free and moister resistant slat walls with all of their accessories, shelves and cabinets that can be moved around, removed or relocated without much effort.

There are many companies you can purhcase slat wall systems from.  Here, we'll list just a few as an example:


Supplier - HandiSOLUTIONS

Supplier - SlatwallSystems