Horse Stalls


Buying Free Standing Horse Stalls or Building Your Own?

If you are planning to construct a horse stable, you are probably wondering if you should build your own horse stalls or purchase and install free standing stall kits.  What's best  you ask?  Short answer is - it depends.  It really comes down to the type of building you are constructing and if you want to deal with the hassle of locating and ordering different stall parts, such as grills, stall doors, sliding door hardware, kickboard and partition materials, etc.  If you have a good local source for all of these materials and don't mind little extra work, by all means, go ahead and  build  your own stalls - you'll save money (in most cases).

Built Horse Stalls:

Most barn builders like to built their own horse stalls, especially in barns that already have interior support posts installed.  All you need to do in order to built stalls in such barn is to purchase enough of 2x8 or 2x6 T&G boards, install extra door posts and then attach boards to posts creating stall fronts and partitions.  After all boards are nailed in place, you'll need to install grills, hang the sliding doors and you are done!

Recommended Use:

New Construction - In center aisle barns with interior loft or roof support posts (posts must be properly spaced to accommodate needed stall size).
Remodeling - In barns with existing interior posts.

Free Standing Stall Kits:

Free standing horse stalls are mostly used in new or existing buildings that do not have any interior framing or supporting posts.  Complete stall kit usually consists of posts and pre-built panels (stall front with sliding door, partition panels and rear panel).  You, however, will need to determine which panels and how many panels are needed when placing order.  During assembly, all  panels are connected with pins or some other means and attached to concrete floor.

Recommended Use:

New Construction - In open buildings that do not have any interior framing.
Remodeling - Stall fronts and partitions can  be ordered to fit between existing posts.
Indoor Arenas - Maybe used to add stalls on inside of indoor arena.

Did you know that Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is well known for having numerous small and mid-size Amish-owned welding and fabricating shops that specialize in custom-built horse stall equipment?
At most of these shops, you'll not only find different styles of horse stall kits for sale, but also different kind of stall doors, grills and many other horse stall parts and accessories.
This means that you are not only limited to purchasing your stalls & accessories from national suppliers and dealers, but can now order direct from the actual manufacturer here in PA.

If you are interested and would like to get contact information for some of these Amish manufacturers, please request via email.