Construction of Wooden Carport.  Free Car Port PDF Plans

If you are planning to build a Carport to store your vehicle, tractor, etc, our 12'x24' Free PDF car port plan should provide a good idea how to build a wooden carport yourself.  There are many places where you can purchase steel frame carport kits, but on this page we would like to show you how to build a wood carport using post-frame construction technique.  Even though, we only show prints for a 12'x24' carport, you should be able to build any other size you want following the same technique.


Since a regular carport does not have any sides, it must be designed to withstand stronger uplift wind loads.  That's why, when building a carport, you  need to use proper bracing and hurricane ties or blocks.  After all, you don't want to have your newly built carport collapsed from the first strong wind.

Building 12'x24' Wooden Carport

  • Find a level spot to build your carport on (or grade it to make it level).
  • Mark all of your post locations and dig 48" deep holes approximately 12" - 16" in diameter.
  • Mix and dump one bag of sascrete/cement in each hole.  Wait until cement hardens.
  • Take pressure treated 6x6 posts and place one post in each hole.  Measure, level and temporary secure all posts.
  • Determine required headroom and mark the location of wall header on each post.  If you need more or less of headroom, adjust the post length (get shorter of longer posts).  Note: If you are planning to pour concrete slab, add thickness of slab to headroom measurement.
  • Attach 2x10 header on each side of post.  Re-measure to make sure you have exactly 12' from outside to outside of headers.  Adjust and secure if needed.
  • Mark truss locations every 24", fasten 2x6 blocks between headers to fasten trusses into.
  • Set up trusses, attach Y-braces and kneewall braces and build gable overhangs.
  • Finish the roof and gables (see assembly images and PDF plans)