Modular Horse Barn Under Construction

Modular Barn

As you can see from this picture, the modular box components were delivered already built and after they were placed on foundation, the loft was installed over the center aisle and the roof rafters were set up.  This modular barn is still under construction and might require 3 more days to finish the gable ends, build the roof, hang the aisle way doors and do all the trim work.  We should note that the advantage of the roof being built with rafters and the center aisle loft, is that it offers plenty of headroom inside of the stalls.  Size of this barn is 36'x36' and it has (4) 12'x12' stalls, (1) 12'x12' tack room and (1) 12'x12' wash stall.  Looks like a well built horse barn in our opinion.

Did you know that you can purchase modular barn sections separately from the rest of the building?  This way, you can build the loft and the roof yourself and save some money.  There are some barn manufacturers that will gladly build and deliver the sections to you.   Check out Keystone Modular Barns for more info.