Installation of Stall Rubber Mats


If done properly, installation of horse stall mats couldn't be easier.  Read on to see what's involved.

One of the things people ask, is how to properly install rubber mats inside of your horse stall.  Well, it's actually not that hard to do if you know how (just like everything else).  Know-how is what we want to cover here.

Most of the stall mats you'll find in tack stores come in 4'x6'x3/4" size, so you'll need (6) mats for a 12'x12' horse stall.  You can either get a straight edge mats (mats with straight edges) or interlocking mats (mats that are designed to interlock with each other).  Interlocking rubber mats will cost you more, but the fact that they interlock, supposed to make them hold together better.  In our opinion, either of these mats will work just fine if properly installed.  It's the preparation of the stone base that's most important here.  According to Keystone Barn Supply, here is what you need to do to properly prepare the stone base for your rubber mats.

Assuming that you already have the stone pad under your barn. Here is what you need to do:

1. Add approximately 4" (10cm) of compactable crushed stone (modified stone such as 2-A Modified*) as the base for your horse stall, try to keep it level.  Then compact it very good.

2.  Add 1" (2.5cm) of stone dust on top of your newly compacted 2-A Modified stone base.  Don't compact this stone.  Keep it level.

3. Cut your stall mats to fit, and lay them on top of the stone dust.

4. Take a break & Enjoy your work (the most important step)

*2-A Modified Stone might have different names at different quarries.  This type of stone is made by mixing fine stone dust and some bigger stone 1"-2" in size.  You should be able to purchase it from any stone quarry.

Note: It is impossible to say exactly how much of Modified stone you must add for the base.  Your goal is make your stall mats even with the top of your finished floor inside the aisle.  In order to achieve this, you will need to do some calculations and add stone accordingly.

Installation of rubber mats