About Horse Arenas and Indoor Arena Construction


Horse Arena Definition:

An open space or a building specifically designed and constructed to be used for horse training exersizes and activities such as horseback riding, jumping, etc.

Widely used three different horse riding arenas are the followinig:

Types of Arenas:
  • Outdoor Riding Arenas
  • Indoor Riding Arenas
  • Horse Covered Round Pens

Unfortunately, we can not say what type of arena would be the best fit for you.  The only thing we can say is choose the one that best meets your needs and the budget.


Indoor Riding Arenas:

Indoor horse arenas must be built tall enough and large enough to provide ample space for equine activities.  Indoor arenas can either be built using steel building construction or post-frame construction.  There are some beautiful indoor arenas that are built with glue-laminated roof rafters and columns, but such arenas cost much more to construct.

Recommended Construction:

Post Frame Construction - Due to clear span truss limitaions and costs, best used on buildings up to 80' in width.
Steel Building Construction - Best used for buildings over 80' in width.
Glue-lam Rafters & Columns - Use mostly for good looks and where extra headroom is needed.

Indoor Arena Tips & Recommendations:
  • Keep wall height at 16'-18' on post frame buildings and 20' on steel buildings
  • Smallest indoor recommended is 60'x120' in size.
  • For post-frame buildings, use glue-laminated posts (not regular 6x6 p.t. posts)
  • Make kickboards sloped and 4'-5' in height.  Sloped kickboards provide extra protection for rider's legs/feet
  • Build per codes and make sure to use all proper bracing
Horse Covered Round Pens:

If you have an existing round outdoor ring and want to put a roof cover over it, a Covered Horse Round Pen can be a very good choice.  Covered round pens may be built with walls, partial walls, or no walls at all.  The size of such round pens vary from 50' to 70' in diameter and are built with multiple wall sections to resemble a round-shaped building.  There are many different construction techinques being used to build such round buildings, but the most important part of any covered round pen is its the roof.  The task of a roof in this building is not ony to provide a protection from elements, but to also keep walls & posts from spreading apart.  When trusses are used to construct round roof, they normaly have a complex web of braces in order to keep roof from sagging and spreading apart.  Another way to build the roof is to use heavy LVL or Glue-Lam rafters and then use specially designed "Steel Belt" to hold roof and walls in place.  Such building is shown here.