To find more information about roof trusses, to see different truss types and learn more about truss design, please follow links below.

In many cases, building a pole barn with roof trusses is simpler, faster, easier and more cost effective compared to building exactly the same barn using rafters.  In addition, using clear span trusses in a building, helps to eliminate any rafter or loft supporting center posts providing completely "post-free" interior space design.

Tip: When ordering roof trusses for your building, get a quote for the same truss with slightly higher snow load design.  For example, if your local codes call for 35 lbs of ground snow load, ask for 40 lbs.  In many cases, cost of trusses won't be much higher and you'll sleep better when next major snow storm hits, knowing that your roof will not collapse under unexpected several feet of snow.